Purpose of SITE

SITE, a project funded by a Title V grant through May 2015, will serve as a teaching and learning forum for Ventura and Oxnard College faculty.  Through on-going leadership training,  guided workshops, and collegial consultation,  SITE will bring together experts in teaching and learning along with faculty from a variety of disciplines to generate and share ideas,  develop initiatives, and implement new strategies to improve student learning and increase teaching effectiveness.

Jenchi teaches participants how to make clay rattles

Jenchi teaches participants how to make clay rattles

Learning Outcomes

  1. Establish a more effective partnership between instructional faculty and student support services to increase student success
  2. Implement on-going classroom assessment techniques to monitor student progress in the classroom
  3. Apply brain compatible teaching strategies that make it possible for every student to experience engaging, empowering, and successful learning
  4. Implement effective teaching and learning strategies that support all students, including those with differing learning styles and learning disabilities
  5. Develop effective and up-to-date computer skills and technical support systems to improve both online and on-ground classes
  6.  Develop transformational leadership techniques to support student achievement

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